About us

Mike Legge BSc (Hons) Psych…founder of Changemechanics.


Mike has been in the learning and development arena for over 10 years, representing both global brands and FTSE listed providers of learning and development.

Mikes involvement in people development started in the healthcare sector where he was involved in the training and development of public and private sector managers and front of house staff as they faced a new approach to contractual arrangements and service charters with the government. He then went on to become a key member of a team commissioned to develop the skill levels and knowledge within a globally acknowledged premium car brand.

The core aim was to leverage sales volumes and customer loyalty levels by improving the ability and skills of management and sales teams whilst at the same time raising financial awareness within businesses as they grew to meet the demand. He can take complex issues and make them simple for people to understand and above all do something with.

Arguably the most important “customer” in learning is the individual delegate. Sometimes individuals are told to attend development because it ticks a box, some plan and book a specific piece of development months in advance because the learning content should be able to solve a specific development area.

Our core philosophy is that whatever the reason might be for initial attendance our aim is to convert the doubter and over-deliver to the converted. Individuals deserve the right to access and learn the very best techniques and processes, solutions that when applied will make a difference to that individual. Only when the individual has “bought” the development will the business realise the benefits. You simply cannot force learning and certainly not its application. The other simple truth is that in most cases the individual will only buy in if the following elements are in place.

  • The trainer/coach is interesting and engaging
  • The trainer/coach has at some point done the delegates job or something very similar to it
  • The trainer/coach knows more about the subject than the delegate and can add value through the provision of ideas and solutions that can be applied
  • The material solves real problems in the delegate’s world
  • Learning can be applied back in the business
  • There is an ability to contact the trainer/coach after an intervention has concluded

Whilst the expedient provision of ever constantly changing trainers and developers might solve the logistical challenges for some of the multi disciplined global training providers, this is unlikely to be very beneficial for the learner and of course that illusive ROI measurement.

When it is necessary to do so, we work with associates but only with the best…. people whose expertise can add further value to your development needs whether that’s in the design and development phase or indeed the delivery and coaching of highly specific material.