Would you like your operational managers to work more effectively as a management team?
Perhaps you are looking for the ultimate operational financial case study experience bringing together the facets of knowledge,analysis, and risk evaluation and business case presentation. An experience that will truly test and educate your operational teams.

Imagine your management team working as a small unit, competing with their peers or other teams to troubleshoot a business with problems. Many dream of having the international trouble-shooter job role analysing business performance and risk and advising potential investors. For 2 days using Business Builder business case studies and business simulations they will.

We bring this concept to life with a unique learning approach called BusinessBuilder.
Having been introduced to the basic concepts of finance via our Finance for Operational Managers training, participants are presented with a business case study, its accounts and balance sheets for a 3-year period.
They are provided with ancillary information such as HR records, customer complaints files,
legal files and have 2 opportunities during their analysis where they are allocated 30 minutes
with one of the company’s directors (in role). At the end of the exercise they are required to produce a report and presentation that will need to be carried out to the “would be” investor who will be keen to learn about their findings and question them. Built into the exercise are some hidden treasures and clues assuming they are able to pick them up?
Feedback on all the presentations will be provided and the winning team will collect a prize.
BusinessBuilder can be delivered in 2 formats


BusinessBuilder Standard.

Here the delegates work on generic business simulations containing all the above elements but where product lines are not stated and therefore not necessarily specific to the delegates industry. Never the less the learning from the case study is powerful and the challenge of uncovering the hidden mysteries of this business highly compelling.

BusinessBuilder A La Carte.

Here we design and develop a business simulation specific to your industry and geared to reveal its opportunities as well as its idiosyncrasies. Whilst the overall business concepts remain the same we understand that the day-to-day detail of the pharmaceutical industry and the distribution of its products is going to be very different to that of the airline or motor industry.

With BusinessBuilder A La Carte we tailor the business simulation to you. We can either create a fictitious business case study from scratch or if you wish base the simulation on the dynamics of your own business…however you choose to do it the solution is truly bespoke and we believe provides you with the most innovative approach available in the business simulation learning arena today.
An approach that transfers learning right back to your business

If you are interested in discussing BusinessBuilder simulations in a little more detail,
I would be delighted to do so on 01908 261179 or alternatively email me and I will contact you personally by return.