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Sales Training and Business Development Specialists. The home of ECR (TM).

ChangeMechanics specialises in sales and business development.  Whether you operate in the B2C (retail) or B2B (corporate) market places, or you manage large complex key accounts for global brands we can add value to your sales efforts and above all your results.  ChangeMechanics was founded by Mike Legge in 2007 driven by the belief that very little had been added to the subject in over 20years, and that a lot of what is being taught is not comprehensive enough.  ECR fills the gaps created by pushy, inflexible linear processes and adds substance and direction to selling based on individual style and personality.  It's simple, it makes sense and above all it works.

You might be finding it a little tougher than it has been for a while. Are you taking the opportunity to evaluate the skill levels of your Sales People and measure whether or not your sales processes are really working for you?  The ability to win, and retain customers is still one of the most highly prized skills in the workplace and the ability to diferentiate your business and its products and services is one of the key factors of success.

ECR focuses on the 3 essential sales "processes": Engage, Compel and re-assure. If you Engage with your customers at their level, compel them to you and your products and provide them with transparency and re-assurance, you will be more successful than those who don't.  ECR accomodates random customer behaviour, particularly early on in the relationship and shows you how to deal with the customer who wants to negotiate first, asks for discounts and incentives up-front and may not wish to meet with you.  You must be able to win sales from every situation.  Progress through a sale is often random and chaotic what does remain constant is ECR.  ECR is currently helping Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Project Influencers and Senior Managers within the Automotive, Telecomm's, Engineering, Retail, an Wholesale sectors.  Please take time to click on the video links and at any point you feel compelled and would like to engage further, please call me or click on the email links below.

To discuss your sales training, and development, please email our office or telephone +44 (0)1908 261179 and we will contact you within 24 hours.