Retail Sales Training

“The performance of your sales function is going to be restricted to the capabilities of its weakest member”.

Are you fully engaging with your customers? Are you differentiating your products and services and focusing on sales conversions? Are you promoting the value of your brand to your customers every time they come into contact with your business?  If your sales staff are merely speaking when spoken to and answering questions politely you are probably not maximising potential sales volumes.  Great service is of course essential but on its own is not enough.

Are you qualifying your customers, spotting the buying signals and asking for the business?  The very best retailers have great Point Of Sale presence, great products, a recognised brand AND a focus on sales.  All too often Sales Assistants only do the assisting bit of their jobs.  If your outlets are "busy" but your sales are inadequate you might need a sales "process" that really delivers.

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