Business to Business Sales

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Generating sales in the business sector is relient on being skilled in 2 key disciplines:  the ability to identify and secure appointments with decision makers in order that a relationship can be started, and the ability to compel the prospect to buy from the point of initial engagement onwards. 

Identifying target markets and prospects is one of the few linear processes in selling.  Are your written communications compelling and really customer focused or do they wax lyrical about how good you are as a supplier and how long you have been in business for etc?  Are you sales people skilled at making appointments?  Do you know how to handle the PA and the gatekeeper? We do and would love to help you!  Learning how to do this will have a quantum effect on you business opportunities.

Compelling the customer to buy and managing the relationship after the meeting is a more chaotic and unpredictable process, however, providing you Engage, compel and re-assure your conversion rates and profits will grow.  Do you know how to differentiate your business and your USPs?  Are you providing added value and focusing on your benefits?  Do you know how to negotiate and handle premature requests for price and reductions?  Are you managing relationships from the buyer to the Chairperson?  We can show you how to do all of this and more! 

If you are interested in discussing this in a little more detail, We would be delighted to do so on 01908 261179 or alternatively email us with your contact details.