What is ECR

ECR is the most comprehensive and complete explanation of selling. it unifies all the component parts and sub processes.  ECR stands for Engage Compel and Re-assure and provides the most up to date, relevant and effective sales performance training available.  Whether you sell to businesses or consumers you will learn effective solutions fit for the real world in 2009.  Many conventional sellling approaches address some of the problems but rely too much on old fashioned thinking which assumes that sales success follows fixed processes.  Fixed process selling was questionable 20 years ago, but is proving increasingly unviable in 2009.  Todays' markets are more mature, customers are far better trained and educated in how to buy and most of them recoil from businesses who try to push them through a process.  Sales training models have become so involved that it is hard to understand and remember the anagrams let alone the complex and prescriptive processes they advocate. Consider the grahic to the left, the classic sales funnel used to define the various stages of the sales sequence.  Whilst these "stages" certainly exist, the notion of a constant predictive flow from one stage to the next is questionable as a model for all situations.  Some customers might progress neatly through this process model but what about those who don't? 

Look at the ECR model below. It focuses on the 3 fundamental drivers of decision and instead places the sales stages or classic process in a supporting role. ECR recognises that the order of the sales stages has to be flexible, yet providing each stage is dealt with in such a way that the customer feels engaged with, compelled to act and re-assured it doesn't really matter in what order the process stages unfold. 


Imagine being able to deal with an initial request for price in such a way that the potential relationship is strengthened, the customer feels re-assured and you have avoided entering prematurely into a  negotiation.  ECR provides this without having to ignore the customers request.   Learn how to handle the sales stages effectively regardless of their order, learn how to deal with tough initial requests and objections, stop being restrained by sequence.  Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in sales is differentiation and the fact that customers are not new to buying things. Most people, whether buying for themselves or on behalf of their companies are familiar with buying and selling processes.  They are well educated, well informed and simply not willing to play the traditional selling game any more.  

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