Car Sales Training

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Car sales is unique and one of the only environments where the seller is also a buyer within the frame of one transaction.  It is also an emotionally driven  purchase and one of the most openly discussed, and at times, controversial sectors. 

Did you know that most customers visit at least 2 outlets selling the same product before committing to a decision?  Do you really know how to handle customers who request your best price and deals as an opening question?  What value are you building beyond the equity of your products and the levels of discount you can offer?  Do you know why your local customers complete their purchases many miles away and for as little as a few pounds more discount?  Did you know that "peace of mind" is the number 1. customer need and do you know how to deliver it?  We do and would love to help you improve conversion rates and profitability.  Take a look at the video!

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