Key Account Sales

Are you happy that you are maximising the potential yield from your key accounts?  Do you know what percentage of the business you are currently supplying to your key accounts and do you know what you need to do to supply more?  Key account management is the ultimate relationship sale.  It is often referred to as the "complex sale" because it is just that-complex-  Relationships and networks lie at the heart of a key account.  Are you networked across your accounts adequateley, or is your only contact with "the buyer"?  Do you have an adequate contingency for when  a key contact leaves?  Are you creatively managing contact cycles, geography and time or falling between the the two extremes of doing nothing or "pestering" you accounts with nothing better to say than "How are you doing"?  You have to influence and persuade as well as network and expand your sphere of influence.

We know how to do this and would love to help you maximise the values, yields and whole life returns of your key accounts.